What Your Watch Says About You

August 30, 2016

It’s overstating things just slightly to claim that it’s your watch which says the most about you, as at least one brand’s campaign has. What about, you know, your personality? Or your slogan T-shirt? Joking aside though, you can tell a lot about a man from how he tells the time. You can buy a […]

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Front of U-Boat Opere Uniche Hera yellow gold watch

U-Boat Opere Uniche Hera Flightdeck 18K Gold Case Fissuree Diamonds Watch

February 19, 2016

This U-Boat watch designed from Opere Uniche family.This Hera Flightdeck 18K gold case Fissuree Diamonds in 18 carats yellow gold, received “martellée” finishing, and then it has been partially drilled, in order to create thin fissures.  All these small cracks have been patiently filled with black diamonds. On the side of the case black diamonds […]

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Front of U-Boat Classico black dial 45mm watch

Affordable U-Boat Classico 45mm Watch

January 13, 2016

U-Boat Classico 45mm watch is the smaller version of the 53mm Classico CAS. It is available with a black dial which looks cool. The watch case is constructed of three pieces of stainless steel. The top piece, which makes up the bezel, the middle case, and the case-back. As mentioned above, the reference 2268 measures […]

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U-Boat U 1001 Limited Edition Watch Review

May 7, 2015

U-Boat watches are much like classic American Muscle cars – expect for that American part that’s. They’re large, made with a lot of metal, have awesome designs in it, thus making you feel great being around them. Simultaneously, they are not very practical, don’t also have the things they seem like they ought to under […]

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