Stunning Éternelles De Chanel Watch At Baselworld 2016

Éternelles De Chanel Watch 02

Chanel debuted  a variety of watches at Baselworld 2016. five different new collections were launched at this grand event.Éternelles De Chanel Watch Like the “Signature de Chanel” high jewellery collection, presented at the end of January, these two new “Éternelles de Chanel” watches are inspired by the emblematic quilted motif that’s become a trademark of the French fashion house. Chanel’s famous quilting, inspired by the equestrian world, was first seen on the “2.55” handbag, before being brought to a host of the brand’s accessories and designs. Today, quilting has become an integral part of Chanel’s brand identity.Éternelles De Chanel Watch 02

Chanel’s high jewellery studio has designed two couture-inspired watches, matching squares of diamonds in quilted-style patterns with high-end watch-making techniques.Éternelles De Chanel Watch 03

The “Signature Diamond Secret Watch” is a graphic-style cuff in 18-karat white gold with a quilted motif finished with round diamonds plus 16 triangular diamonds cut to measure on the setting. A 5.26-karat briolette diamond takes pride of place in the centre of the watch. This lifts up with a simple press to reveal a round watch dial with hours and minutes functions.

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