The Best Entry-Level Watches F

May 19, 2016

The term ‘affordable’ has a very different meaning in the world of haute horlogerie (that’s French for ‘very well-made and usually quite expensive watches’). The brands that sit by Lake Geneva aren’t au fait with three-for-a-tenner deals; these are watches that individual craftsmen take weeks to make. Six figure price tags are not uncommon. But […]

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Front of Burberry Britain Icon Check manual winding watch

Burberry Britain Icon Check Limited Edition 45MM Manual Winding Watch Hands On

February 22, 2016

Burberry takes inspiration from the trench coat’s check lining for a new series of watches: The Britain Icon Check collection. First introduced in the 1920s, the check motif is reinterpreted in precious materials by Burberry designers working in partnership with Swiss master watchmakers. Burberry Britain Icon Check limited edition watch case with a 45mm DLC […]

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Burberry 18K Rose Gold stainless Steel Watch For Women

Burberry 18K Rose Gold Stainless Steel Watch For Women

November 26, 2015

Burberry as a famous international brand,its watches also popular with fashion guys. This watch designed in Britain and crafted in Switzerland. The watch features a distinctive octagonal face with details inspired by Burberry heritage, including D-ring shaped bezels and an iconic trench coat colour palette. This Burberry watch case with 34mm 18K rose gold-plated stainless steel ,the most […]

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Silver Frame Burberry Watch With Deep Blue Strap

November 10, 2015

Why does people  favor of  Burberry ? Elegant or chic? Both  are reasons for it.Burberry never stop its development. Of course,Burberry watches loved by young people. This watch also favored by modern guys. A celebration of innovation and craftsmanship, The Britain is a modern, elegant collection of watches for men and women. Designed in Britain and […]

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Burberry Competes with Gold-Plated Watches and Timeless Style

August 4, 2015

Reaching beyond clothing, footwear and bags, Burberry offers beautiful appropriately-listed luxury watches created using gold, calf leather along with other awesome materials and also the infallible Burberry design etched into dials and bracelets. Besides the standard, the cost and also the lengthy-standing title, Burberry separates itself from lots of competition by providing gold and rose-gold […]

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