Watch Strap


Why It’s Time To Upgrade To The Mechanical Watch

October 11, 2016

If you Google ‘Jeremy Corbyn wristwatch’, you’ll discover that the leader of the opposition (such as it is) wears a quartz Timex. His is a gnarled lump of black plastic on a tatty velcro strap that’s well past its sell-by-date. I’m sure you can see the analogy. Mr Corbyn is not a man likely to […]

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In 8 Ways You’re Killing Your Watch

September 14, 2016

Part of the appeal of owning a mechanical watch is the fun you have tinkering with it. There’s a tiny machine in that case which requires your daily input to keep it going. But as with any machine, the smallest human error can see it grind to a halt. Whether it’s changing the date at […]

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Watch Strap Review Part 10. – Introducing MJLeather

August 28, 2015

Our anniversary edition of Watch Strap Review Part 10. Adds yet another country to the long list of craftsmen. We are going north this time to Scandinavia. The strap maker I’m about to introduce to you hails in Sweden and our very own Michael introduced his work to me. How could I miss him for […]

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