Be careful when using mechanical watches everyday

The hazard of dust does not need to be poor, so we should be extra careful when using mechanical watches every day. Dust can leak into the watch through the gap of the watch case and will adhere to the movement oil. More dust will accelerate the drying of the oil, resulting in increased friction between the parts of the movement and problems in use.
In general, there are not many opportunities for us to be exposed to a lot of dust. Regular cleaning of the case can effectively deal with the dust entering the case! Magnetism is the third most harmful object of the watch. The watch is not allowed to move, or even stopped completely. Therefore, when storing the watch, you should try to avoid contact with magnetic objects, such as audio, TV, etc.
If the magnetization appears, please demagnetize it in time. So as not to affect the normal use!mens Watches that are not worn for a long time should be wound regularly. Friends who have the conditions must not only have one watch, but for watches that are not worn for a long time. Maintain the clockwork regularly so that the parts do not remain stationary for a long time to ensure the performance of the watch.