Reef Tiger Artist Constant Multi-layered Dial Watch an be called the classic and timeless model of Reef

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  • December 15, 2016
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The inspiration of Reef Tiger Artist Constant Multi-layered Dial Watch came from the industrial revolution of the 18th, expressing its exploration and relentless pursuit of watchmaking technology, the watch can be called the classic and timeless model of Reef
Design hightlight

1.Classic elegant case

The case adopts the classical aesthetic elements, its bezel and case are separated, lugs extend from the bezel and use three-dimensional structure, the whole watch emits rich classical beauty of art.

2.Industrial aesthetic dial

The design of Constant is inspired from the England in the 18th century, at that time, the industrial revolution has just started, art and culture bloomed, Reef Tiger use gear and track design to pay tribute to that great era.

3.Complicated function

Constant achieves date, 24 hour and other complicated functions display in such small 42mm room, unique hands device and three different type of hour markers match well ,as a complicated watch.

4.Alligator leather strap

The clasp features Reef Tiger pink buckle, and is engraved “Reef Tiger” logo, very easy to be worn.The watch is fitted alligator leather strap, which is hand-stitched and reflects pure Swiss watch-making tradition.
Exquisite technology

1.Multi-layered dial

The dial of Constant is divided into three layers, first, the bottom is decorated with tracks, the second layer has gears and subdials, the thrid layer is the outermost date window, all these need complex process.

2.Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

The watch features sapphire crystal that achieves Mohs 9 scale of hardness, corrosion and scratch resistant, never worn. The 3um AR coating can be clearly identified.
3.Reliable and stable movement

The watch uses RT2801 movement, it is tested by professional technicians of Reef Tiger, its daily error is controled within 5 seconds. Perfectly chamfered bridges, polished edges and gears, each detail passes fine craftsmanship.
4.Half enclosed hand-stitched leather strap
The inner and outer layers of the band all use imported Italian calfskin leather, which has a comfortable touching. The applied half enclosed technology makes the watch more elegant.