Reviewing Braun BN0095 Watch


Here we have another well-designed timepiece from the German company Braun. When people see the brand name they typically think of coffee machines and men’s shavers. True enough on the Braun website, right under “Clocks and Watches” are the categories of “Male Grooming,” followed by “Female Grooming.” I suppose they consider keeping good time part of a hygienic lifestyle.
When we last visited a Braun watch it was a review of the digital BN106 (reviewed here). Now we take you to an analog timepiece that represents another side of their design abilities. Still modern and Bauhaus-style minimalistic, this BN0095 range isn’t a bad choice for someone looking for a simple yet stylish daily wear. In Braun’s “Prestige” range, this is among their top selections. We look at both the brushed steel and PVD black coated steel versions.Braun BN0095 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The most interesting aspect of the 43mm wide steel case is that it is produced from a solid piece of steel. This monobloc-style design uses a few screws on the caseback with a crystal over the dial. Aside from those and the crown, the case is just one piece. Accessing the watch is thus done through the crystal. This gives the case a more elegant look, but likely makes battery changes or servicing the movement a bit more complicated. Such one-piece designs are mostly intended to help prevent water and dust from entering the inner case. In this instance I think it is mostly a matter of design as the BN0095 has a rather basic 50 meters of water resistance. But don’t disregard design… the BN0095 collection is the winner of both an IF (International Forum) Design Award, and a RedDot Design Award (each in 2012).

Braun designed the BN0095 to almost look like it does not have lugs. There are two simple solid lug structures that protrude from lower on the case. As the lugs don’t extend wider than the bracelet or case, the overall appearance of the case is minimized in terms of size. That means even at 43mm wide, the case wears smaller than it is. That is even despite the fact that the bezel is so thin – making the dial appear large. The sign of a good design is that at first glance it appears ordinary, but somehow unique and different. Only upon closer inspection can one identify what makes it different, and that is certainly the case here in the BN0095 collection of watches.

Braun BN0095 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews