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Tourbillon appreciation experience

September 1, 2022

Last time we recommend Ulysse Nardin,this time we recommend another watch for you.Since I began contacting celebrities watches, it has been over 10 years. This watch was my first tourbillon watch. In the past I have seen tourbillons in specialty shops and brands. This Franck Müller tourbillon was the first one that I bought. The tourbillon is one […]

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What is a classic? The clever combination of “circle” and “square”

August 22, 2022

Last time we recommend Piaget watch ,this time we recommend another watch for you.When people think of Cartier they will often think of classic watches like blue balloons and tanks. Cartier introduced a very avant-garde, trendy Pasha (Pasha de Cartier), watch in 1932. The design is unique. The brand redesigned the series and introduced it to the […]

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For about 100,000 yuan, which dynamic storage display watches can you buy?

July 25, 2022

Last time we recommend Longines Elegant Series watch,this time we recommend another watch to you.We all know that the most basic function of a watch is the time display. With the continuous advancement of technology, the watch is no longer a simple time-reading tool, and more and more functions appear on the watch, such as […]

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How durable is the gold watch? Three gold watches around 130,000 yuan are recommended

July 20, 2022

Last time we recommend Rolex Cellini watch,this time we recommend another three watches.Actually, I didn’t like gold before and felt old when I wore it. This is why so many watch enthusiasts love the watch. It is beautiful in gold. A watch made from gold can bring out the gentleman’s charm and elegance of the wearer if you […]

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Full of mechanical sense, three hollowed-out watches of around 200,000 yuan are recommended

June 28, 2022

It is very difficult to produce a hollow watch. A regular movement is used as the base by the watchmaker. He starts by drilling small holes in the parts that need to be hollowed. Next, he then uses a drill to remove excess metal and then uses a knife to adjust all edges so they are angled […]

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Sincerely recommend! What watch should a girl buy with a small budget?

May 26, 2022

There are many differences between the watches boys and girls like. Girls are more likely to choose a watch that suits their personality than boys. This article lists the top three most loved watches for girls between 10,000 and 30,000 dollars. See which watch excites you! Longines Elegant Series L4.512.4.87.0 Watch This watch is part of the Longines […]

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