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Reef Tiger Coco Rose Master Square Women’s Wrist Watch Represents The Delicacy And Fortitude Of Woman

February 20, 2017

Coco Rose represents the delicacy and fortitude of woman, it has perfect lines and elegant appearance, which shows the classic style of Reef Tiger to modern young women. Meanwhile, Coco Rose is also the jewelry treasure that is full of Paris mystery. Design highlights 1.Square case shape Coco Rose Master Square uses fashionable square case, […]

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Reef Tiger Black Shark Automatic Diver Watch Is Suitable For Fashionable men and ladies Watch

February 17, 2017

Design concept Shark is one of the world’s oldest species, it is the top predator in the water food chain and absolutely the maritime overlord. The Black Shark of Reef Tiger is also a superb diving watch. Besides its outstanding diving features, the fashionable and simple design also successfully captures the heart of watch fans. […]

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Reef Tiger Aurora Air Bubble RT6500 Automatic Wrist Watch Puts Unique Visual Dynamic Into The Small Dial

February 15, 2017

Reef Tiger integrate personality and charm into the creation. The first time launched Reef Tiger Air Bubble series watches. The large size of watch case (φ44mm), convex bubble-like sapphire crystal lens and zoomable distorted visual effect dial, bring you a different watch wearing experience. The latest Bigbang wrist watch inspired by the chaos of the […]

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Popular Grand Rounded Reef Tiger Artist Royal Crown Men’s Watch

February 14, 2017

For mechanical watches, creativity and quality are the eternal theme. Reef Tiger Artist Royal Crown subverts the general watchmaking tradition, the balance wheel system, which is the heart of mechanical watches, is redesigned at the 6 o’clock position, the use of jewels and engraved plates make the whole watch show rich art atmosphere. Reef Tiger […]

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The Best Choice For Fashionable Men Is The Reef Tiger Seattle The Pacific RT675 Quartz Movement Watch

February 13, 2017

Reef Tiger Seattle series is definitely the representative of mens elegant taste, the newly launched The Pacific quartz chrono watch is inspired by the Pacific Raceways in south of Seattle, the watch integrates the racing spirit and watchmaking process, its elegant shape and 41mm size have an unique exquisite appeal, it is the best choice […]

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Reef Tiger Classic Perpetual Day Date watches have characteristics of classic and concise

February 10, 2017

Design idea Reef Tiger Classic Perpetual Day Date watches have characteristics of classic and concise. The watch has smooth line with simple and bright surface design to achieve classic and charming. Perpetual watches use pure stainless steel design. Its delicate craft is appreciated and trusted by a lot of watch fans. All these bring a […]

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Reef Tiger Classic Life-Master Men’s Wrist Watch Is Suitable For Low-key & Elegant Business Men’s Watch

February 9, 2017

Our attitude towards time, is the attitude we treat our life. When time passes along the ticking of hands, life will teach us what is the real desire in our life. Reef Tiger Classic Life-Master accompanies you all the way forward in time, eventually achieve your dream. Design concept 1.Classic and pure lines Reef Tiger […]

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Reef Tiger Aurora Ocean Speed Men’s Watch integrated personality and charm into the creation

February 7, 2017

Ocean Reef Tiger integrated personality and charm into the creation, the first time debuted Aurora series ocean watch. The large size of watch case (diameter 44 mm), the towering bubble-like crystal lens (thickness 8 mm), and the twisted zoomable visual effect dial, all of these bring a different experience of wearing watch. The latest Aurora […]

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Unique And Fashionable Reef Tiger Aurora Rally S1 Men’s Quartz Wrist Watch

February 6, 2017

Aurora Rally S1 Sports, performance and technology are the common genes of watch and racing cars, speed and passion make men burning with righteous indignation. Combining the racing car with wrist watch has not been strange in fashion and sports fields. Reef Tiger launched the Aurora Rally S1 watch, which is another fashion spot. Design […]

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Reef Tiger Seattle Space Needle Watch exudes a refined and elegant temperament

January 24, 2017

Design origin Michael Reef, the fifth generation descendant of Reef Tiger, has been in Seattle for some time when traveling around the world. Seattle is the largest city in the northwestern United States, the simple and elegant atmosphere here is the inspiration of Reef Tiger Seattle series. The inspiration of Seattle Space Needle watch is […]

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