Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 Watch Hands-On Upgrades Boost the Want


For 2014, Tissot silently launched a brand new form of their Seastar dive watch range, known as the Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80, which includes some upgrades featuring making it a standout diver your money can buy. We anticipate these additional features will gradually switch the existing generation Seastar models, however in actuality there might be benefits and drawbacks to both old and new Seastar models.


At 42mm wide in steel, the brand new Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 is really a wonderfully comfortable mid-size diver. We are saying mid-size since it is difficult to get men’s watches for diving under 40mm wide, and lots of watches for diving are 44mm wide and also over. Further, at 42mm wide it wears more compact than another 42mm wide sport watches due to the comparatively narrow lugs. Finally, having a thickness of just 12.4mm, it features a nice slim profile around the wrist.

Should you place a 2013 and 2014 Seastar 1000 watch alongside one another it will require one minute to determine the variations backward and forward? You will find many, though. Let us begin with the bezel. For 2014, Tissot is giving the Seastar a ceramic bezel place, which will come in blue, black, along with a maroon red-colored. The second, obviously, provides the see a black and red-colored tone like the very trendy Tudor Heritage Black Bay. The ceramic bezel card inserts are rather nice, really. As opposed to just as being a flat ring, they slope just a little in which the bezel meets the dial and also the markers are really reduce the bezel instead of being printed onto it.


This new bezel design does mean the “serrated” grip around the outdoors from the bezel is a little more prominent around the new model as in comparison towards the older models. Within the dial is definitely an AR covered azure very and you will find several minor changes around the dial. Obviously, the general feel and look from the Seastar dial is identical, however the new model features a better look. This begins using the new applied hour markers which are metal after which completed with lume, together with a brand new date window that’s a definite entity versus mixing along with the three o’clock hour indicator. Alongside, it’s possible to begin to see the visual variations a lot more.

What’s also new may be the “Powermatic 80” indicator around the dial. It is because the Tissot Seastar 1000 no more uses the Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, but instead the brand new Tissot Powermatic 80 automatic movement the ETA quality CO7.111. I believe is basically an adjustment from the 2824 however with an 80 hour versus roughly 40 hour energy reserve. How can they are doing that? Essentially the regularity from the balance wheel is reduced to ensure that it draws less energy and therefore enables for an extended energy reserve.


It’s possible that ETA could place a bigger mainspring too, however the 80 hrs of energy reserve appears to mostly be considered a purpose of lowering the frequency from the 2824 from 4 Hz (28,800 bph) to three Hz, (21,600 bph) within the CO7.111. Exactly what does this suggest? Well whenever a movement works in a reduced frequency you will find less beats per another, and therefore are diversions in precision could be more pronounced. Which means errors in timing could be more visible even though the timepiece has a longer energy reserve, otherwise controlled correctly, and may possibly not be as accurate with time.


Therefore, you can observe that both CO7.111 and 2824 actions their very own advantages. The Piece of fabric Group is heavily leaning around the former as the kind of product which they think can help get people more looking forward to watches due to the elevated energy reserve which is commonly not available in other watches only at that cost. Further, for the moment, the Powermatic 80 along with other similar actions (Hamilton has some too) will not be accessible in watches outdoors the Piece of fabric Group brands.


Considering that I do not exclusively depend on my small watch to inform time, despite the fact that I check my watch greater than my phone, I’d most likely opt for the Powermatic 80 within the 2824, especially since I have a lot of watches with 2824s inside them. Another upgrade towards the Seastar 1000 will also be excellent when comparing the 2. It has switched a good budget Swiss dive watch to 1 I’d happily put on like a beater or sports watch.


Additionally to being 42mm wide, the Seastar 1000 Powermatic is water-resistant to 300 meters (about 1000 ft), comes with an automatic helium escape valve within the situation (why don’t you?), along with a nicely-sized and grippy crown. All this is available in a comparatively small package that further handles to possess a modern and distinctive situation design. The dial also is actually quite attractive if you’re right into a modern look (like me).


Tissot, obviously, has a variety of Seastar watches for diving which goes in to the much bigger chronograph models. At 48mm wide, the Seastar Chronograph is definitely an entirely different animal, but among the best ones was the special edition Seastar 1000 Chronograph Valjoux Special Edition which I examined here. I believe most will agree that at 42mm wide inside a roughly 12mm thick situation the brand new Seastar 1000 Powermatic strikes an excellent balance between design and size.


This season Tissot will release three versions from the Seastar 1000 Powermatic Diver. They range from the Seastar having a black dial and bezel with blue trim, the black dial with red-colored bezel, and also the matching blue dial with blue bezel. Timepieces can be found either around the steel metal bracelet or even the top quality and fitted rubber strap.


When I pointed out above, the 3-hands Seastar 1000 is finally a watch Let me personally put on. Before, it had been a pleasant watch to recommend, however with the brand new features and style elements it is a handsome and comfy weekend watch that will not break your budget.