Linde Werdelin

Linde Werdelin LW Vintage 02

Linde Werdelin LW Vintage-Luxury Experience To The Vintage Marketplace

May 7, 2016

Linde Werdelin LW is undertaking an innovative step in the watch distribution space. To be known as LW Vintage, Linde Werdelin will facilitate a vintage market for its own timepieces. Finding the watch market to be fragmented and decentralised, Linde Werdelin is the first and only company to take responsibility for the experience customers have on […]

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Side of Linde Werdelin SpidoLite 3DTP Carbon

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite 3DTP Carbon Limited Edition Watch

April 21, 2016

Linde Werdelin has pioneered the use of 3DTP in its Oktopus cases, and now advances the technique by perfecting it for the intricately-detailed SpidoLite case. The SpidoLite 3DTP Carbon is a good example. It is limites to 75 pieces. In the skeletonised and stripped-back aesthetic of the SpidoLite case, reducing the outer case to just […]

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Linde Werdelin’s SpidoLite Titanium Is Masculine Yet Majestic

Linde Werdelin’s SpidoLite Titanium Is Masculine Yet Regal

August 28, 2015

There’s something especially unique about how exactly Linde Werdelin blends analog time-preserving such technical particulars have a tendency to keeps you returning for additional. Lately ATimelyPerspective had the chance to obtain a close up standpoint using the brand’s highly esteemed SpidoLite Titanium. Inside the two days of putting on it there is no dull moment, […]

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Linde werdelin-The-One-Watches

On the job with Linde Werdelin & Basel world 2014 releases

July 16, 2015

The timepiece marketplace is constantly flooded with new brands and watches offering various iterations of the items that they like to a ‘sports’ watch. Many offer absurd amounts of water-resistance combined using the latest materials, and fun colours, but it’s challenging observed inside a market that’s filled with similar-searching watches. This is when Linde Werdelin […]

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