Tourbillon appreciation experience

Last time we recommend Ulysse Nardin,this time we recommend another watch for you.Since I began contacting celebrities watches, it has been over 10 years. This watch was my first tourbillon watch. In the past I have seen tourbillons in specialty shops and brands. This Franck Müller tourbillon was the first one that I bought.

The tourbillon is one the three main complications of Swiss traditional watchmaking. The most expensive tourbillons on the market for Swiss watches are the tourbillons. They are extremely rare and can be found in the hundreds of thousands or millions. The domestic tourbillon, however, is quite inexpensive and is not included in this price range. This Franck Muller tourbillon has a public price of several hundred thousand.

The Franck Muller tourbillon does not show its momentum in the photos. The watch measures over 50mm in length and almost 40mm in width. Under the large curved sapphire glass, there is a large tourbillon in the 18K gold case. Franck Muller’s famous tourbillon is known for its large name. The dial has a large hole and the large-scale tourbillon rotates around it. It is difficult to miss once you get started.

Classification based on the exterior structure of the tourbillon. The Franck Müller tourbillon doesn’t have an external spindle connected to its dial. It is therefore a flying tourbillon, also known as a floating or suspended tourbillon. (If an external spindle is attached, it is the Breguet tourbillon).

Classification based on the internal structure: The balance wheel, and second wheel of Franck Muller’s tourbillon, are placed on one axis. It is a coaxial, but if they are separated, it will be an eccentric tourbillon.

The symbol for tourbillons from different watch brands is the tourbillon cage. FM is the English abbreviation for Franck Muller. The tourbillon transforms the cage into FM shape, which is a characteristic of Franck Müller. The Blancpain tourbillon’s cage is shaped like a bird, Roger Dubuis takes the form of a battleaxe, Vacheron Constantin takes the form of a Maltese cross and Cartier takes the form of a C-shaped. The Franck Muller TourbillonFM cage frame is quite general to me, but it’s my first.

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