Reviewing Sinn 358 DIAPAL Watch Hands-On

March 20, 2017

If there were any watch out there that embodies the unfussy tool watch, the Sinn 358 DIAPAL must be near the top of the list – even though the same could be said of a great number of watches from the quintessentially German brand. DIAPAL, by the way, is Sinn’s oil-free escapement system that helps […]

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The Best German Watch Brands

October 11, 2016

Germany – often dubbed the Land of Ideas – has lots of good ones. Industry-leading cars? Sure. Delicious beer? Absolutely. But watches? Isn’t that a Swiss thing…? It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Germany has a thriving watch industry right now. Aside from being a fastidiously punctual bunch, the Germans are no slouches […]

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The Best Square-Faced Watches

October 11, 2016

The watch industry moves at a pace that makes menswear look indecisive. But then, developing a new case shape isn’t like making your tees a bit longer. When faced with a big dent to the R&D budget, no wonder most brands stick to making round watches in different colours. But at this year’s SIHH and […]

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The Best Steel Watches

May 4, 2016

Times are tough in Geneva. The Swiss watch industry hasn’t contracted this hard since the 1970s Quartz Crisis, when the rise of cheap, more accurate movements suddenly made throwing thousands at a mechanical watch hard to fathom. Forty years on, it’s the global recession and growth of smartwatches making consumers reconsider car-priced wristwear. But this […]

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