5 Unique OMEGA Watches Review

For over 160 decades, OMEGA has been among the most influential watch manufacturers. They are the official timekeepers of the Olympics and they marvel James Bond’s wrist. They’ve seen a few of the deepest ocean depths, journeyed to the moon, and hit the fairways between. So, OMEGA manufactures several different models to highlight their accomplishments. So, we selected five unique OMEGA watches and model variations which might not be as recognizable as a number of the criteria. The Aqua Terra pays homage to OMEGA’s rich marine heritage. This chronograph has a profound navy dial with three white subdials. OMEGA’s 3301B self-winding mechanical motion serves as this watch’s engine. It also has a 53-hour electricity book. The signature OMEGA hippocampus, or sea horse, adorns the back of the view and on most of their dive watches. So, this watch, its intended for the water. Celebrating the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, this watch showcases the soul of the Olympic Games. The watch comes with a black bezel with mark in the colours of the Olympic rings, along with the dial takes its inspiration in the iconic mosaic of the Copacabana’s sidewalk. It is but one of a limited-edition production of 3016 watches. This watch has a 48-hour power reserve and OMEGA’s grade 2500 self-winding mechanical movement forces the timepiece. It’s a celebration of the glory and triumph of sports that unites the world. The Planet Ocean line comes with a helium-release valve and is water resistant to 600m. The nod to the Games is subtle on this watch, as the rings are featured at the close of the chronograph seconds hand. This view marries the legacy of this Planet Ocean with the entire world stage of sports.
OMEGA watches
The Speedmaster is one of OMEGA’s most iconic watches. It’s been a part of six lunar missions, as well as the contemporary variations give a nod to the adventuring spirit of the originals. OMEGA’s calibre 1164 self-winding mechanical movement powers this timepiece and it has a 44-hour power book. Although the design strays somewhat from a traditional Speedy, it’s a gorgeous representation of this line. This Speedmaster is a 60th anniversary tribute to a few of the classic 1957 versions. The first Broad Arrow version inspired this model. The Broad Arrow was the first chronograph and Speedmaster to have a tachymeter scale on the bezel as opposed to the dial. This particular watch is one of a limited run of 3557 units. OMEGA’s caliber 1861 forces this Speedmaster and it has a power reserve of nearly two days. Thus, you might not have the ability to get your hands on one of those originals, but this could be a fairly awesome substitute. OMEGA has some fairly incredible watches and a remarkable history to go with them. Whether you choose an iconic model, or one which sees the customs and partnerships of OMEGA, you can’t fail with one in your wrist.