Sincerely recommend! What watch should a girl buy with a small budget?

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  • May 26, 2022
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There are many differences between the watches boys and girls like. Girls are more likely to choose a watch that suits their personality than boys. This article lists the top three most loved watches for girls between 10,000 and 30,000 dollars. See which watch excites you!

Longines Elegant Series L4.512.4.87.0 Watch

This watch is part of the Longines Gallant collection. It has maintained a thin case and clean lines since its introduction in 1992. The strap and the lugs are cleverly connected to form a symmetrical and elegant line between the wrists. The dial measures 29mm in diameter and 12 diamond hour markers add to the gentle disposition. This watch is simple and elegant, with an alligator leather strap and a sapphire crystal that resists scratches.


Many girls love Louis Vuitton, a well-known name in the luxury sector. They will also be more emotional when they see that watches are bought by girls. They pay more attention to brand recognition and appearance design but less to accuracy of travel time. This is why we recommend the fashion watch. In recent years, Louis Vuitton also introduced a number of watches. This TAMBOUR MONOGRAM watch features a stainless steel case. The dial has a Louis Vuitton leather series Monogram texture. The strap is also inspired by this watch. The watch’s hour and minute hands are made from fluorescent material with a yellow secondhand design. This adds to its fashion-forward style. It is easily recognizable thanks to its waterproof design of 100 meters. This watch is great for young, trendy ladies. It will make you stand out. You’re the fashion blogger for Shine.

Do you prefer these watches or Audemars Piguet watch?

Reef Tiger Love Lily Automat Women Watch #RGA1599 – POP

Promises, a solemn promise of love, forever, are not too much, no matter what adjective you use to describe the mad for love. It shows that the heart leaps at the first encounter. For many, the hot time of love is their most memorable memory. This is the time when love is passionate and flashy. The Reef Tiger Women Watch is made from the Arrow of Love. This is the perfect representation of love and is guaranteed to show your eternal love.

The Love Lily watch has a 13mm case to match the feminine beauty temperament. It can be worn comfortably as it is extremely thin. The Love Lily watch features a slim special lug design with inlaid diamonds. It is not only a watch but perfect jewelry that will bring you joy. Love Lily RGA1599 Luxury Ladies Automatic Watches: Your perfect companion for everyday life.