The dress watch must be subtle and low-key

Classic. Elegant. Minimalist. Every guy wants a nice dress watch to complement his wear. No, it doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy. A good dress watch is one that’s simple and sophisticated enough to finish the appearance of one without drawing attention. It is designed to be worn with a suit or tuxedo. So a dress watch has to be understated and subtle — not loud and complex.
History of the Dress Watch The first dress watches could be traced back into the time of George Bryan”Beau” Brummell — a renowned fashion icon in Regency England from the 18th century. The English gentleman picked for bespoke garments that fitted the entire body nicely and rejected the styles of men’s fashion. Naturally, the fad of fitted clothes required watches of the same trend — ornate and slender. The birth of the simple, and uncomplicated dress watch to coordinate with the new fashion. Why You Want a Dress Watch Imagine being invited to a business event that is black-tie or a wedding. You’ve got dress shoes and your tuxedo ready and you’re all set and ready to go. Your watch drawer opens to select a watch to cap the look you are aiming for. Alas! You have nothing but bulky sports watches inside!
An eye may be a small accessory, but it might break or make a outfit — especially more so if it’s an official outfit. Men rarely wear jewellery. Therefore there is a watch an accessory that can help express a man’s personality and personality. To put it simply — you need a dress watch to state your sophisticated side. Characteristics of a Dress Watch Although some versions come with complications, such as the moon period or date, a traditional dress watch is simple and unassuming. To maintain the dial as simple as you can, some apparel watches do have a hand. Below are some of the features of a dress watch that is classic:
Flat and Slim. There is a dress watch designed with a slim form, As it is typically worn with a tuxedo or formal wear. This makes it possible to fit under a shirt cuff. Small Size — So not to draw attention to itself, a dress watch is typically smaller than your typical watch — usually between a 34mm and 40mm case dimensions. Leather Strap — Although some dress watches include slender bracelets, a traditional dress watch is typically paired with a high quality leather strap. Precious Metals — In keeping with understated luxury, most frequently, some dress watches come in valuable metals, such as platinum and gold. Simple Dial. To avoid drawing attention the majority of the nicest men’s dress watches usually sport a clean and simple dial up in either black or white. With Minimal or No Complication. Save for easy complications such as date, the majority of the dress watches of men normally don’t have any complication. Some even do not have a seconds hand to keep the dial uncluttered.