The Future Of Porsche Design Watches And The Timepiece No. 1


The image above is definitely an early drawing of the items would be the Porsche Design Watch No. 1, the very first watch really formally produced by Porsche Design once we comprehend it. Porsche Design has tried the watchmaking industry since 1972, and it has labored with a variety of different watch companies to create its watch designs. These have incorporated brands for example Orfina, IWC, and Eterna through the years, however a new trend of in-house production can come to Porsche Design soon.

Earlier in 2014, Porsche Design ended its historical relationship with Swiss Eterna watches to create watches for that Stuttgart-based German company. The actual reason behind the termination from the relationship remains unclear however i theorized that it could have experienced something related to Eterna’s purchase through the Chinese company China Haidian. Following the purchase, Eterna’s Boss Patrick Kury also walked lower also it was unclear what the way forward for both companies could be like.


Several several weeks ago I spoke to many people at Porsche Design to obtain a better knowledge of exactly what the future held. I had been informed that Porsche Design was obviously likely to continue making watches but they weren’t searching for a brand new production partner. Rather they would concentrate on in-house production, too as with-house made Porsche Design watch actions soon. I had been told to hold back a little which more could be revealed soon using their first “in-house” Porsche Design watch launched through the finish of 2014 – under twelve months after their split with Eterna.

I do not normally prefer to bore individuals with watch industry talk, however this does modify the items lots of people like, in addition to affecting a brandname that i’m greatly keen on. Porsche Design just introduced a couple of items of interesting news. First of all may be the formation of the Swiss subsidiary named Porsche Design Watches AG those of course will operated in Europe to create watches. This is underneath the bigger Porsche Design Group whose Boss is Juergen Gessler. The 2nd bit of news would be that the Boss from the Porsche Design Watches company is going to be Patick Kury.


So from creating Porsche Design watches at Eterna, Mr. Kury will relocate-house to Porsche Design to carry on his work. Watch enthusiasts realize that his engineering-minded attitude to look at making coupled with Porsche Design’s design talent has assisted create lots of really desirable items.

In nov 2014, the very first new Porsche Design watch is going to be launched referred to as Porsche Design Watch No. 1. We do not have full images yet but Porsche Design has launched the sketch above that discloses a well-recognized look usual for Porsche Design DNA. Initially the style of the Watch No. 1 may seem simple, but actually it continues the current simplicity and functional character Porsche Design is renowned for. Based on Porsche Design they was affected by the style of their original Chronograph watch from 1972.


Despite the fact that we do not have a lot of pictures to start with, there’s some good info by what the Porsche Design Watch No. 1 is going to be like. To begin with, this model won’t have an in-house made movement, but future models might. For the time being, Porsche Design will take advantage from the tried and tested Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic. The situation from the Watch No. 1 is going to be 42mm wide (water-resistant to 50 meters) as well as in black-covered titanium. Further, the azure very situation back window is going to be tinted black, and you will see a custom Porsche Design rotor (possibly a replacement). The Porsche Design Watch No. 1 is going to be restricted to 500 pieces with no cost details are presently available. Once more, Porsche Design has guaranteed a launched prior to the finish of 2014.