Classic Tissot Heritage 1936 Pocket Watch

Front of Tissot Heritage 1936

Tissot luanched a new watch which the brand first proposed in 1936. Perhaps the most striking feature of this new Tissot Heritage 1936 is the imposing diameter of its steel case.   Front of Tissot Heritage 1936

These were in fact pocket watches, with arches welded to them so that a leather strap could be slid under the back of the case. Now Tissot is reviving this highly original concept. When the strap is removed, the caseback can be opened to admire the myriad details of the hand-wound movement which marks the hours, minutes and small seconds with a remarkable sense of elegance and vintage style.Side of Tissot Heritage 1936 02
The numerals, seconds dial and practically everything on the face is faithfully remade here, although the best bit is hidden. When you removed the strap on the original model, the wearer could open the back of the case like a pocket watch and see the mechanical movement inside. The same is true here – a romantic bit of whimsy that offers no practical function beyond raising a smile.   Side of Tissot Heritage 1936